AEA journal 2016, The Architect's role

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Submitted by admin on Thu, 2016-07-14 02:52

Architecture, in relative terms, is said to be a permanent form of expression of thought and value of a society holding a lot more beyond the vocabulary it can manifest emanating from contexts. The built environment, more particularly the practice of architecture is strongly influenced by the dynamic situation of economy, culture, politics and advancement of technology to say the least, resulting in continuous changes of needs. Architects are playing their pioneering role within this context, as one of the professionals engaged in the realm of shaping and reshaping the built environment. The responsibility of responding to the changing needs of the society and
in certain circumstances positively dictating the development of the built environment within the stated influences is shared among various actors at a varying degree. Significant share of this burden and challenge of fulfilling the immediate needs of the society, required by particular projects, along with due consideration for future circumstances goes to the architect. However, in order to fulfill this responsibility of attaining best quality results, a well versed orchestration of acts of all players involved in the built environment development is as crucial as individual competencies required from each and every discipline.