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Submitted by admin on Thu, 2016-07-14 02:38

The public lecture ‘Women in Architecture’ was organized by the chair of Architecture and Building Science at EIABC, with the aim of recognizing outstanding women architects in the industry and creating a platform where they are able to share their experience with young architects and everyone from the industry. Girls at the campus were especially encouraged since such platforms are very useful to inspire these prospective architects who usually do not have adequate information about the local heroes in the industry and only depend on
international media for motivation.
The public lecture had four series organized every month the first of which was conducted on the eighth of March, 2016 at EIABC. Rahel Shawel, an accomplished architect with a successful private practice – RAAS Architects, was the first guest. She started by describing how her upbringing has enabled her to outshine the male dominated industry. She showed how women could naturally prevail in leadership and management bringing forth an interesting scientific argument. She shared the ups and downs that she has faced in her practice and inspired everyone with interesting pictures and description of her award wining projects. She concluded the one-hour lecture with advice to the young architects and spend another hour engaging everyone in a stimulating question and answer session.
The second lecture was conducted on the seventh of April, 2016. Betelihem Demissie, an accomplished urban planner in Ethiopia provided an in-depth insight in to urban planning particularly on the actual challenges involved in the process. She engaged the attendees composed of practitioners, EIABC staff and students in an interesting discussion on the contextual challenges of planning and the solutions she has adopted.
The third lecture was conducted on the second of May, 2016. Meskerem Tamiru, the contract administration guru was the guest for this series. She helped everyone to look at contract administration from her perspective. Meskerem elaborated the process, the pros and cons in the subject providing interesting projects from her practice as examples. The discussion session was very informative and engaging.
The forth and final lecture series which was conducted on the twenty sixth of May 2016. Tsedale Mamo, the architect behind a number of government projects including the massive Integrated Housing Development Program was the guest. Tsedale, with an amazing story telling ability, engaged the attendees from the onset. She reveled how her upbringing has contributed to the professional she is. She generously revealed her experience in her professional advancement, highlighting the major challenges she faced and the secret of her success.
The lecture series provided a convenient platform to bring the students, academic staff and practitioners in the construction industry together. Issues of design, supervision, contract administration and planning were dealt with in depth inspiring the students at EIABC and clarifying their expectations on the construction industry.
All the guests were talented motivation speakers making the lecture sessions extremely enjoyable.